About Esther the Dog

This is Esther. She’s a dog.

This is Esther. She’s a dog. A 10-year-old Shih Tzu to be precise. Esther was originally my mom’s dog — she got her in 2001 and Esther was a bouncing bundle of energy. Through four years of funny stories, day-to-day life, and rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, Esther was my mom’s constant companion.

My mom died in 2005 and Esther became my dad’s dog. Esther and my dad spent time playing aggressive games of fetch, watching football games, and on long walks. When my dad went into the hospital in September of 2011, Esther split her time between Southern and Northern California, making the weekly six-hour drive with us. When my dad died nine weeks later, Esther moved to LA permanently with us.

Through three distinct sets of masters, all within one family, Esther has rolled with the punches. She’s the best. She’s Esther the Dog.

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