Challenge Pho the Best!

For the past year or so, Dave and I have been mildly obsessed with pho. Though we always go to the same place — Pho Citi on Westwood Blvd. You can see from its 2-star Yelp profile that we are pho connoisseurs.

I always get the shrimp pho, or the #22, as we Pho Citi regulars call it. And Dave always get the chicken wonton pho — the #28, of course. The pho is accompanied by a plate of mix-ins you can choose to add to your pho. I add all the bean sprouts, a leaf of basil, and 1 slice of jalapeno. I often add sriracha or hoisin sauce to individual noodle bites.

It’s 2 am — time for Pho Citi!

We’ve been consistently pleased with our meals at Pho Citi, so much so that we don’t even mind the 6 pounds of sodium-overload-induced water retention that comes with it. TIME magazine, however, tells me I should try new things to keep my brain healthy so when the craving for pho hit, we decided to venture to a new pho restaurant — maybe one that isn’t open 24 hours.

Since we were down at Home Depot in Culver City, like all the crazy kids on Friday night, we decided to try Super Pho & Teriyaki. This place has a whopping 3.5 stars on Yelp and it closes at 1 am on weekends, so we were expecting a serious step-up in class from Pho Citi.

Here’s to new pho experiences!

I got the chicken pho and Dave got the raw steak pho, both regular sizes. The sizes are huge; smalls would have been plenty big. It was decent pho but sadly, it didn’t measure up to Pho Citi for us. My chicken was very cartilage-y, and the broth was somehow even saltier than Pho Citi. There was no plate of accompaniments; however, there was a topping bar that we didn’t see that had the usuals. They also have a more limited menu than Pho Citi so no shrimp or won ton pho options.

This sparks the beginning of our search for the best pho in Los Angeles — or at least the pho that beats the 24-hour joint.

Esther missed out on pho so we gave her an extra big dinner.

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